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A home is a great and expensive investment. When it comes to your home, you want to make sure that you have excellent coverage to protect the money they you are investing. P & C Insurance Services Inc can protect your home, as well as the assets inside of the home. To get house protection immediately, give us a call!

• Umbrella policies

• Liability

• Renters

• Condos

• Motor homes

• Multi-family homes

• Builder's risk

• Flood insurance

We can help determine your coverage level needs!

Are you renting? Then you still need to have the same types of protection for your items and assets. You should also protect anything that may happen to the rental that may be your responsibility. Let P & C Insurance Services Inc get you a customized policy to protect your rental and assets.

Cover your beautiful home or rental today!

We keep roofs protected with:

We work with renters!

When it comes to a home, the biggest issues that you may have to worry about are the unseen things that can happen. Weather disasters, fires, and vandalism can happen to a home that may cause you thousands of dollars. Consider what you need when it comes to disaster coverage and add it to your policy with P & C Insurance Services Inc.


Home insurance will give you protection on your property, your possessions and your assets.

Disaster coverage is our specialty

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